Signal Secure Products

The Intelligent Security Center

Signal Secure has thought of everything you need to control a productive, efficient, and safe home or business - remotely or on-site: an advanced security system with door entry control and perimeter control, early fire and carbon monoxide detection, lighting and thermostat control, energy consumption monitoring, and even task management.

The "brain" - the powerful control center behind our advanced system - is the Core Gold and Core Silver.

Gold Core

Gold Core Security and Automation Control

Gold Core includes a 500+ word vocabulary that pleasantly announces system status, which you can customize to fit your needs. The built-in voice dialer can call up to 8 phone numbers and alert owners of status changes, routine reminders, and more. With the built-in telephone remote control, your phone becomes a remote keypad and allows you to manage temperature settings, water heater, garage door, lighting, and sprinklers plus arming/disarming system and more; by simply picking up the phone. And unlike every other technological device on the market today, your Gold Core will never be outdated. With Flash memory firmware, you can always upgrade your system for free and take advantage of the latest advances in home automation technology. The Gold Core can be fully integrated with 40 other complementary subsystems for your home or office, giving you maximum efficiency with one universal control.

Silver Core

Silver Core Economical Security and Automation Control

Silver Core offers the same top-notch security features as the Gold Core, but does not have the voice and telephone remote control capability. Built on the same software architecture as Gold Core, the possibilities for expansion, integrating with other systems, and option for programming and control over the internet make the Silver Core an exceptional value.

Key Differences Between Silver and Gold Core

Gold Core

Silver Core

Voice Capability

  • Voice Announcements
  • Built-in Telephone Remote Control
  • Integrated Voice Dialer
No Voice Capability
16 On-board Input Zones, expandable to 208 8 On-board Input Zones, expandable to 200

13 On-board Outputs, expandable to 205

  • 1 voice driver/siren
  • 1 siren driver/voltage
  • 1 form "C" relay
  • 10 low current voltage (50 mA)

12 On-board Outputs, expandable to 204

  • 1 siren driver/voltage
  • 1 form "C" relay
  • 10 low current voltage (10 mA)
On-Board Serial Port Serial Port available with addition of Main Serial Port Interface
Plug-In Terminals Non-removable screw terminals
4 Power Terminals - 3 Auxiliary, 1 Switched Smoke 2 Power Terminals, 1 Auxiliary, 1 Switched Smoke
Master Power Switch and Low Battery Disconnect Master Power Switch and Low Battery Disconnect switch available with addition of 965
Zone Voltage Display and Volt/Current Meter Zone Voltage Display and Voltmeter

Two Way Listen-In Capability:

  • For Central Station Alarm Verification
  • User activated through telephone remote control

Two Way Listen-In Capability:

  • For Central Station Alarm Verification Only