Smart Home with Signal Secure

Make Your Home Come to Life with Signal Secure Smart Home Systems

Make Your Home Come to Life with Signal Secure Smart Home Systems

You can control every aspect of your home with a single touch of the finger - from wherever you are! Signal Secure's Home Automation unites every feature of your home to communicate together - appliances, electronic systems, security and alarm systems, light switches, thermostats, and more!

Imagine the Possibilities

With the revolutionary automated technology brought to you by Signal Secure, you can program your home to respond to your every desire and preference. Here are just a few of the possibilities:

Smart Home Costa Rica

"Morning" Setting:

Let your home wake you with your preferred music, turn on the lights, start the shower at your ideal temperature, turn the thermostat up, warm up the espresso machine, open the blinds, remind you of your agenda and business meetings for the day, announce stock quotes and weather conditions, check traffic conditions, and start the car.

Smart Home Costa Rica

"Away" Setting:

Alert you when someone rings the doorbell and allow you to open the door from your phone, monitor the guest in your home with live video recording, receive reminders about forgotten appliances, lights, or electronics - and turn them off with just a push of a button, program the sprinkler system to detect when your plants and lawn need watered based on climate and soil conditions, and program lights to turn on and off throughout the day - or blinds to open and close - giving the appearance that someone is always home.

Smart Home Costa Rica

"Welcome Home" Setting:

Your Signal Secure Smart Home will recognize which family member has returned home, and will welcome them according to the settings you have pre-programed. So when your child returns home from school, you will automatically receive a video chat phone call. And when you pull into the garage later that evening, the front entry lights will brighten the home, your family will be expecting you, your preferred news channel will be on the TV, and your favorite music will be playing in the foyer as you enter the home.

Smart Home Costa Rica

"Sleep" Setting:

Turn off any lights left on throughout the house, turn on night-lights in the hallway or your child's bathroom, lower the thermostat, secure the property, and alert you if your children get out of bed at night.

No matter where you may be, you will always be connecting to every aspect of your home. Stay informed and in control with Signal Secure's Smart Home Systems!

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