Property Developers: 7 Tips to Add Value to Your Projects

Appliances communicating with each other.

Forgotten lights turned off from a mobile phone.

Water leak shut down the moment it’s detected.

If you’re a condominium or resort developer, home builder, or architect, you have probably already come in contact with some savvy features of home automation. But did you know that a home automation system is more than a convenient fad?

Making your project a Smart Home will make a significant impact on your bottom line. And it can also improve your brand image!

One System, One Contractor

Don’t bother with the hassle and expense of dealing with multiple contractors and subsystems! With a fully integrated home automation system, you will have 1 contractor (and 1 support center) handling every aspect of the home: security, video surveillance, interior and exterior lighting, temperature control, audio/visual, appliances, irrigation system, pool controls, garage door, and more!


Home automation systems are fully customizable, and flexible to upgrade according to the customer’s evolving needs. This will be a system that grows with your clients as technology continues to advance – keeping your homes ahead of the curve.

Aesthetic Installation

Who wants a bright eye-sore in the middle of a wall? Modern security is invisible and inconspicuous, leaving your project just as beautiful as it is safe.

One Concierge

No matter how many buildings in your development, you only need 1 person in control. Every system integrates into one harmonious solution, which drastically reduces your facility management costs.


Take the lead in the green building movement! Make a name for your brand with a home automation system that conserves energy and is convenient for the owners. Smart homes can optimize natural light and adjust solar heat gain with smart glass, automate heating based on regular usage, set sprinklers to only go on when the soil and climate conditions are right, automate indoor/outdoor lights, manage window shades, and regulate the temperature in your home.

Crime Prevention

Unlike other systems that only alert after a break-in attempt has already occurred, fully integrated automation systems will keep criminals away. This is both a safety AND financial investment!

Increased Value

Developers who upgrade to a customizable home automation system see increased revenue and sales velocity, and a remarkable improvement in their brand image and loyalty.

Give your customers what they really want

– an upgraded home or condo with the safety, convenience, and technology of the future! Check out the fully customizable future-ready solutions available at Signal Secure, or contact us today to learn how Signal Secure can add value and high demand to your project!