Good neighbor. Good security.

You’ve equipped your home with a technologically advanced security system, complete with laser fencing, automated lights, and video surveillance to protect and secure your family.

But there’s an element that could be the finishing touch to your already perfect home security system – your neighbors.

In a society where we are increasingly coddled by the convenience of technology, we may overlook the simple component of basic human interaction as a complement to our technological lives.

Getting to know your neighbors is just as important as getting to know your own home, and they can play an integral part in completing your home security system, and the safety of your family.

Here’s how a little neighborliness can go a long way in home security.

Be a Know-it-All

Knowing who lives next door, across the street, even a few doors down is important in keeping your home and neighborhood safe. Take a mental note of the people who look familiar, so you’ll know when someone does not.
Being in-the-know of who lives on your street, as well as their daily patterns, will make you aware of any inconsistencies and suspicious activities that could compromise the safety and security of everyone who lives around the block.

Be Friendly

You probably don’t have to become a best friend to everyone in the neighborhood, but befriending at least one neighbor could help you in the long run. A friendly neighbor is a valuable resource when it comes to asking them to look out for your property when you go on vacation, or exchanging important information about any incidences or occurrences that may have occurred.

Be Proactive

Form a group or host periodic meetings with your neighbors. Make it a social occasion where you take time to get to know everyone, and also discuss and address issues of crime and safety. A proactive neighborhood watch is a strong deterrent that can thwart potential break-ins, theft, and other crimes.

While a technologically advanced system is ideal for protecting your home, being an aware and conscientious neighbor to your community can be a welcomed enhancement to the overall safety of your family as a whole.

Do you think being a watchful neighborhood enhances the security of your home and family?
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