The lights are on, but no one’s home.

It’s no secret that crimes of opportunity – such as robberies and burglaries – are the most common crimes in Costa Rica. Experts say that burglars take 4 to 5 minutes to break into a home…. or they go elsewhere for an easier opportunity.


Question: How can you prevent burglars from seeing your home as an opportunity from afar?

Answer: By creating a presence that someone is in the house (even when you’re away).

One of the most effective ways to create a presence is simple – turn on the lights. A brightened home makes your house look alive and lived-in…. not the ideal conditions for a simple daytime break-in attempt. But do you really need to keep the lights on ALL DAY? Wouldn’t it be nice if different rooms could brighten themselves intermittently? With Signal Secure, Costa Rica’s most trusted home security system, you can program and customize lighting settings all day and night. A ‘daytime’ setting could turn lights on throughout the home at pre-determined intervals. You can even integrate Signal Secure’s automated window treatment feature to have your blinds open as your lights turn off in a particular room while you’re away. And a ‘visitor’ setting could activate both the porch and front entry lights by the trip of a laser fence when guests approach your home. Remember, a darkened home can signal an unoccupied home to unwanted visitors, so lighting is essential in complementing your security system.

Offering a security system with advanced integration, Signal Secure enables you to take complete control of the lighting in your home—regardless of whether you’re away at work, on vacation, or just out with the family.  With Signal Secure’s remote technology, you can conveniently control, schedule, time, and even monitor the lighting of your house with the simple use of a smart phone, PC, or telephone.

With Signal Secure, you can have peace of mind – even when the lights are on and no one’s home.

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