Energy Management

Save Green by Going Green

The environment we live in is a precious resource – which is why we all have become more vigilant about protecting our environment by conserving whenever possible. Signal Secure can help you protect the environment and save money on your home and office utility bills with our innovative suite of energy management solutions – solutions that give you control of your climate in an eco-friendly way.

Controlling Your Climate

Did you know that as much as 25% of a home’s energy usage comes from heating and cooling? In an office, that can be as steep as 40% – which means having automated climate controlled solutions is a must for environmentally-friendly savings.
Our solutions can integrate seamlessly with your climate control systems to automate climate based on your schedule or even the occupancy of your rooms. As always, these systems can function in sync with your home or office’s security system for added efficiency.

Automating Window Coverings

Signal Secure also offers automated window coverings that can help reduce the transfer of energy through your windows. Electronic window coverings can be closed in summer and open in winter to balance room temperature during the day; during night, that process can be reversed for optimal temperature balance.

Conserving Water

You can save money while keeping your property looking spectacular by automating your property’s sprinkler system. Our systems can even be programmed to water only at certain times based off rain and soil moisture sensors – meaning your sprinklers are used only when they are needed.

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