Entry Control

Your property should, at all times, be under your control. To ensure that the only people who have access to your home or office are the people you trust, you need entry control solutions from Signal Secure that work effortlessly with every other security system in your property.

Our entry control systems provide you with total management and control of property access for your home or office. These advanced systems utilize a network of proximity readers, access keypads, and virtual partitions to systematically restrict entry to your property when you need it. Additionally, the system can control eight distinct area partitions and grant access to up to 199 individual users – who can be restricted based on area, time, specific days of the week, arming status of the security system, and other factors.

At the heart of our entry control solution are proximity readers and access cars. Proximity readers interact wirelessly with keypads or single door access modules for entry. They are compact in size, weatherproof, and discreet, providing ideal security for virtually any home or office facility.

Our system also works with proximity cards and proximity fobs that grant compact and convenient access to your family or employees. Capable of being carried easily in a pocket, wallet, or purse (or on a keychain), these devices can be carried and kept track of easily without providing noticeable bulk or heft.

For integrated entry control solutions that are programmable and customizable to your preferences, go with the security network offered by Signal Secure.

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