Remote Management

Stay In Control, No Matter Where You Are

Your property deserves the utmost in protection and security no matter where you happen to be. Other security systems only work when you are on the property – which means your home or office is vulnerable when you are gone.

When dealing with the hustle of modern-day life, you need to know that your home or office is secure no matter where you go and what you have to do. You need the power to control a system from afar, to give you peace of mind and reassurance that your property is under watch and armed at your discretion when you need it to be.

For that, there is Signal Secure’s remote management solution – a solution designed to provide you with the control you need at your fingertips, at all times.

User Interfaces and Controls

Our systems are designed to cooperate with a wide variety of interfaces and tools so you can remotely  manage your security system. These interfaces include:

  • Telephones
  • Cell phones
  • PCs
  • Smart phones
  • iPhone & iPod Touch
  • Any internet browser-enabled mobile device

In addition, the above devices work seamlessly with our control interfaces, including:

  • LCD keypads
  • Arming stations
  • Wireless keyfobs
  • Proximity cards & fobs
  • Touchscreens

The result: A reliable and trusted way to control access to your home and office from a distance.

Constant Information

Another incredible advantage of our remote management solution is the presence of alerts and notifications sent directly to you, whether you are on site or are away. These alerts are transmitted via voice and keypad if you are on premises, and via voice (through your phone) if you are away. Additionally, you can receive timely updates and alerts via email or text message so you can keep up-to-date on everything that occurs at your home or office.

You can also use this system to check the status of your system when you are away. Not sure if you armed the system? Want to make sure your garage door is closed – and actually close it if it has been left open? This system can do that and more.

Notification options for on-site and off-site use include:

  • Security and safety alerts
  • Water leaks
  • Critical temperatures
  • Visitors to your property
  • Deliveries to your property
  • Children arriving from school
  • Reminders to replace air and water filters, smoke detectors, and other devices
  • Reminders for anniversaries, birthdays, and other dates

Wherever you go, you need the comfort, security, and peace of mind that comes with knowing your property is under watch – and in your control. With Signal Secure, you can remotely manage your home and have the reassurance you need at all times – no matter where you are.

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