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The Next Generation of Security Starts Here

Intelligent Security and Smart Home Automation at your fingertips.


Securing the Central Valley... and beyond!

Signal Secure provides customized services throughout San Jose and the entire Central Valley, as well as Guanacaste, Central Pacific, South Pacific, the Caribbean, and surrounding areas.


Transparent Pricing & Certified Elk Distributors

Signal Secure offers FLAT RATE pricing for all customers. Unlike other security companies in Costa Rica, we will never sneak in an upcharge.


Intelligent Mobile Security Guaranteed

Simplify your life and PREVENT crime BEFORE it occurs. Find out how we make world-class, high-tech security blissfully uncomplicated.

No fuss, no surprises, no mistakes that take money out of YOUR pocket. We cover the costs of any oversights or errors made, however rare they are.


Surveillance Cameras for Every Budget

Signal Secure offers an extensive line of home and commercial surveillance cameras, with custom motion detection zones, live play monitoring, email/text alerts, and more!

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Our Reliable Team

Our dependable, bilingual staff will give you confidence and walk you through every step - from choosing your customized security package to helping you maintain and monitor the system indefinitely. Our friendly Signal Secure Customer Care Team and skilled Technicians are standing by... ready to give you a life of security.

... Darien Sherman

General Manager

... Juan

Lead Technician

... Jeff

Tech Support

Customer Testimonials

"Darien and his crew were very professional and installed our alarm in a timely manner. We have had the alarm system at Jaco Ropes Adventure Park for 3 years with no issues. Signal Secure has provided excellent customer service and I would highly recommend using them. It's nice to find a company that is willing to give great customer service in Costa Rica."

Pura vida!
Jason Mueller

"I have used Signal Secure for a number of years. I have found them to be professional and only use top equipment."


This client is the owner/family of founder and board member of a publicly traded company that builds 100s of homes per year in the US.

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Light Your Home Smarter - Philips Hue

Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Bring your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world.

Philips Hue Expert Installation