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Signal Secure Indoor Cameras

Choosing security cameras is not an easy task

Please consider the following

  • Do you want a security camera to deter burglars, or are you more interested in keeping an eye on children or pets?
  • Will you use the camera for indoor or outdoor use?
  • How much area do you need to cover?
  • Do you need audio from your security camera?
  • Is nighttime or lowlight vision a requirement?
  • Do you have enough internet bandwidth to support the camera?
Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

Camera Packages

Signal Secure Camera Systems offer state of the art indoor/outdoor camera installations with a NVR recording system that will provide you with the ability to monitor your home 24/7.

Signal Secure deploys Ubiquiti and Hikvision Camera Systems

Hikvision is the world's leading provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions. As the world's largest security manufacturer, Hikvision has been a pioneer in the video surveillance industry's revolutions in digitalization, networking, and intelligence.

Signal Secure Indoor Camera package
Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

With Signal Secure Camera Systems you can access your cameras easily from your mobile device or computer.

Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

Get notified when motion is detected

Differentiate between humans and other moving objects such as foliage

Cameras with standard motion detection can send you notifications when there is substancial movement in an image, but sometimes in more complex environments you might need to better differentiate between moving plants and cars and an authentic security threat.

In these cases we can offer a separate piece of software that can monitor your video footage for HUMAN or ENTRY / EXIT or LINE CROSS type events to make sure you are being alerted to important events.

Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

See well - even at night!

Thermal imaging for extreme low light and difficult environment performance.

The distance from which your camera can record images in low- to no-light situations can have a great impact on its effectiveness because often criminal activity can happen at night.

Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

Intelligent Video Analysis

Create powerful rules for detecting events from your cameras.

Cameras are quickly becoming smart security sensors in their own right. Always on cameras that can distinguish between general motion and actual threats or unexpected events can be a very powerful addition to your home or business's security system

Create rules based on:

  • Human vs. Object
  • Line Crossed
  • Facial Recognition
  • Entry or Exit of a Defined Area
  • Items Left in an Area
  • License Plate Recognition

NVR / Storage

The Signal Secure System includes a state of the art NVR system that records everything or ONLY specifically want you want to capture.

Signal Secure NVR/Storage

The NVR system can be set to record and store Event based video only, to maximize storage. This means it only records when motion is detected.

Signal Secure Indoor Camera package

Signal Secure can answer all your questions regarding Cameras and Systems. Call us today for a free evaluation in designing the system that is just right for you!

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