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Home Automation

Stay in complete control with an all-in-one system. Signal Secure's Smart Home Automation home security solutions offer full integration of virtually every aspect of your home - lighting control, appliances, perimeter monitoring, energy usage, sprinklers, temperature control, and more!

Signal Secure Home Automation

Make Your Home Come Alive


With the push of a single button, you can set your home for parties, sleeping or vacation modes.


Use a single function key to allow access, lighting and temperature of home to be set based on the specific person entering the home (grandma, dog sitter, etc.).


Control window treatments (such as motorized blinds and drapes)

ge lighting


Lighting offers different things to different people. Some want it as a necessity only. Others utilize to add ambiance to their home. One thing that everyone has in common is controlling their energy costs

Even if you are not a lighting designer, Signal Secure will enable you to set pre-determined lighting scenes for multiple events, such as day, night or away.

  • Schedule lighting based on motion detectors, system arm state, time of day, light/dark outside, sunrise/sunset, and more.
  • Program specific scene settings for bedtime, dinner, movie watching, etc

Energy Management

Being able to control costs and go "Green" is a big priority for homeowners today. They want to conserve energy and reduce costs without compromising comfort. Signal Secure enables homeowners to manage energy output, shrink their carbon footprint and lower utility bills.

Signal Secure's energy management solutions provide convenient control and scheduling capabilities for lighting, climate control, shades/blinds, electric water heaters and other electrical devices.

Conserve Lighting

Reduce unnecessary lighting with light dimmers, programming lights to turn off when you leave the house or go to bed, and shut off lights if motion detectors sense that no one is at home or in the building.

leveton dimmer switch

Conserve Heating and Cooling

Program your thermostat to maintain a certain temperature based on time of day or when you enter or leave the building.

honeywell thermostat

Window Coverings

Automated window coverings that can help reduce the transfer of energy through your windows and balance the room temperature.

Telis window covering control

Water Consumption

Save money without jeopardizing your property's appearance by automating your sprinkler system. Program the system to water only at certain times based on rain and soil moisture sensors.

elk water