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Philips Hue

Philips Hue is your personal wireless lighting system that lets you easily control your light and create the right ambiance for every moment. Bring your smart home to life with the most connected light in the world.

Signal Secure Philips Hue

Enhance your entertainment experience with light

Philips Hue Costa Rica

Sit back and relax as our professional and background checked technicians install HUE in your home!

HUE is a revolutionary new innovation in interior and exterior lighting. High quality, richly colored lighting that casts emotion and style into your home or business. With 1000’s of preconfigured multi lamp scenes and formulas our technicians can help you turn a common household system into a spectacular design element.

Signal Secure make your home come alive! We LOVE HUE!

  • Setup scenes to match your individual style
  • Provide training on usage and scenes customization
  • Configure voice control
  • Link HUE to other home systems and provide automated lighting control

Change out your common light switches to HUE switches and start using HUE today!

  • There are many stylish options to fit your existing decor
  • We can offer you innovative styles to help with new decorating projects
  • Signal Secure can recommend the best functionality options to suite your goals
  • And we can also provide specialized installation technicians to guarantee a safe and long lasting product

Turn your Philips Hue lights on or off, dim and recall your favorite scenes. Quickly dim or brighten up to 10 of your room lights for games, parties, and movies from the comfort of your couch or bed. In a variety of colors and styles, they are designed to fit seamlessly into your home decor, whatever your taste and existing interior design. They can also be combined with existing switches and wall outlets from the same brand as they fit in common single and multiple gang electrical wall boxes. 

signalsecure hue switch
signal secure hue instegration

We can get your HUE app customized for your usage!

Experience a smart and intuitive lighting system with the Philips Hue App and transform the way you experience light. This smart light app gives you the convenience to control your lights with a touch of a button. 

With the Philips Hue App, you can easily organize your individual lights into rooms. Switch rooms on/off or change the color or brightness of all your lights to match your mood or your activity. It's easy to control no matter how many lights you have.

Change the color of your light based on how you feel. Take full control and change the brightness, color or shade of white of individual lights and create your personal space.