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Mobile Monitoring - Residential

Signal Secure Remote Monitoring Residential

Keep your home safe and efficient, no matter where you are.


Remote hospitality

Receive alerts when someone is at the front door, and welcome your trusted guests into your home even if you're not there. You can disarm the system, unlock the door, turn on lights, and even speak to them - all from your mobile device.

Remote Arm/disarm

Arm or disarm your security system from your Smartphone - whether you're at the grocery store around the corner, or hundreds of miles away.

Real-time Surveillance

Keep a close eye on every aspect of your property in real time! Our camera surveillance systems allow you to watch, rewind, search, and record with ease.

Real-time Surveillance
Signal Secure Family Care

Family Care

Take care of what matters most, even if you're far away.

Monitor your nanny or housekeeper from your mobile device with discrete video surveillance, adjust the settings in your child's room at night, and communicate with your child with 2-way monitors. Keep a loving eye on your elderly parents from afar with sophisticated video/audio surveillance, and equip them with a reliable, user-friendly emergency response system that will give you peace of mind.

Glass Breaks

Be the first to know! Whether your window breaks from a neighbor's wild curveball or a break-in attempt, Signal Secure's Glass Break and Shock Sensors can detect the impact the instant it occurs and alert you wherever you are.

Signal Secure Glass Break Control
Signal Secure Remote Lighting Control


Give your home a lived-in feel and increase your security with remote lighting management. You can scheduling lighting settings based on motion detectors, system arm state, and time of day, and then control the lights as you see fit from your mobile device.

Fire, Heat, and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Don't wait for the fire department to call! With Signal Secure, your smart home will send you an alert on your phone the moment a sensor detects fast-rising temperatures, sudden high or low temperatures, smoke, carbon monoxide...or even when it's time to change the batteries.

Signal Secure Remote Monitoring
Signal Secure Energy Conservation

Energy Conservation

Conserving your energy consumption is not only a smart choice for the environment, but for your budget as well! You can program automatic settings, and control all of your lights, water valves, thermostat, and appliances from your preferred device.

  • Conserve Lighting
    Program lights to turn off when you leave the house or go to bed, and shut off lights from your phone if you receive alerts of empty lit rooms.
  • Conserve Heating and Cooling
    Don't ever forget to turn off the thermostat again! Program your thermostat to maintain a certain temperature based on time of day or when you enter or leave the building.
  • Conserve Water Consumption
    Save money without jeopardizing your property's appearance by automating your sprinkler system. Program your system to water only at certain times based off rain and soil moisture sensors.

Remote Asset Protection

Our asset protection sensors are ALWAYS on guard! Signal Secure's Anti-Theft Asset Protection Technology will immediately alert you if any of your valuable possessions are in potential danger, giving you the important advantage of TIME to act BEFORE you've been robbed.

Water Leak Detection & Shut Down

Signal Secure technology detects leaks early on - so you have plenty of time to act before costly damage occurs. You can close individual water valves or shut down your entire water supply with just a touch on your phone. Our experienced installers will place these perceptive leak detection sensors near washing machines, kitchens, sump pumps, and anywhere flooding is possible.