Intelligent Security

Beyond Theft Prevention: The Signal Secure Lifestyle

What if there was a security system that did more than report theft AFTER it occurred? What if a security system detected and PREVENTED a break-in attempt before it ever occurred?

The technology to deter crime from ever happening in your home is here! It's Intelligent Security with Signal Secure.

Signal Secure is a high-tech, state-of-the-art, sophisticated home security system that replaces bars and barbed wire with a true digital fortress - keeping your home safe with the most advanced (and inconspicuous) technology available on the market today. Using an intricate network of wireless electronics that can integrate harmoniously, Signal Secure helps you monitor your environment with unblinking eyes and keeps you informed of every development - in real time - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Outsmart a Burglar

Experts say that burglars take 4 to 5 minutes to break into a home.... or they go elsewhere for an easier opportunity. Here's how Signal Secure's many security features will communicate and work together seamlessly to give you one flawless system - and keep criminals off your property for good!

Intelligent Security

Perfect Integration!

Signal Secure's laser fencing will surround and protect your entire property. The moment this electronic fence is tripped, you will immediately get an alert via text message, phone call or as a voice alert coming from the walls of your home. Your exterior lights will brightly shine on the perpetrator, your surveillance video cameras will record every move he makes, the motion sensors will detect his every move, you can access the live video and audio recording from your smartphone or computer, and you will even be able to yell at the burglar through the built in microphone in your video surveillance cameras - no matter where you are at the time! Every window and door will automatically lock (if they weren't already), and the door and window sensors will detect any breach moments before it occurs. And with the touch of a button on your phone, you can turn on every light in your home, making it appear as though the home is full of life.

No burglar would proceed after they have been caught, especially with the appearance of the owners at home! It's highly doubtful they would even make it to your door, after standing in a blinding spotlight on your property.

Why would you ever bother with a security system that sounds an alarm after a criminal has managed to break in? Choose the ultimate Intelligent Security system that will actually keep your home and family safe and break-in free!

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