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Security System Installation

What to expect

Signal Secure prides itself with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience installing security systems all over Costa Rica in all its unique and different environments. We want you as the customer to feel relaxed and secure in our services. Allowing someone into your home or office can be a deeply personal experience. We respect that and only allow tested and proved, background checked technicians on our team.

We will first set up an appointment to evaluate your needs and the property's viability. From there, we will set up an installation day when you will be available to be home for the technician. Again, it is all about you being comfortable and secure in your home. The best part of professional installation by Signal Secure, is that you get to sit back and relax while your system is installed for you.

We believe a security system installation should only be done by a professional. There are so many options out there and it can be confusing. For example- indoor/outdoor camera options alone can be overwhelming. Another reason to choose professional alarm installation is that you benefit from a professional's experience. On completion of installation, our installer will make sure your equipment is set up correctly, walk you through the ins and outs of your system, and give you the knowledge to use your system properly for the years to come.

Essential features of a Signal Secure security system:

Signal Secure

Control Panel

Our professional alarm installation includes one or more control panels. Control panels are either hardwired or wireless. The Navigator touchscreen keypad from Elk offers elegant styling, attractive full color display and ease of use. This sophisticated keypad provides simple, intuitive operation of security, energy management, tasks, and many other aspects of the system.

Signal Secure

Cellular Monitoring

Pro installation of wireless and cellular security systems involves setting up a strong cellular radio network. Our wireless communicators provide super-fast, full data communications to Central Monitoring Stations over IP and cellular pathways. Transmissions are automatically directed over the best pathway for quickest communications. This means signal transmissions are reduced significantly and even more important if it is an emergency signal needing to be sent!

Signal Secure

Entry Sensors

Professional alarm installation involves first securing your home's perimeter, then the interior. The alarm technician will install entryway sensors to help guard against intrusion through doors and windows. These sensors detect movement within a specific coverage area, by sensing the infrared energy emitted from an intruder moving across the sensor's field of view.

Signal Secure

Motion Detectors

Motion detectors for home security use infrared technology. Depending on the unit, the range could be short or stretch hundreds of feet. Some units are pet-friendly. With pro installation you can be sure that all areas of your home are protected. Elk Motion Detectors even offer the option of pet immunity up to 40 lbs. This means your dog won't set off an alarm prematurely.

Signal Secure

Glass Break Sensors

Glass break sensors can provide sound-sensitive backup to entryway sensors and motion detectors. Glass break sensors are triggered by the sound waves from breaking glass and immediately alert the system of the intrusion. They even have the capacity to differentiate between glass breaking of window and a drinking glass breaking in a room.

Signal Secure

Panic Buttons

Hardwired and wireless security systems can include panic buttons on shower walls, bedroom walls and anywhere else in the home. Pro setup for a wireless security system could also include activating keychain panic buttons and medical alert devices. This Single Button Panic Sensor features a single "press and hold" button and red LED feedback indicator.

Signal Secure

Remote Control

Remote controls sized for keyrings are included with our security systems. The installation technician can make sure that your remote will arm/disarm your security system and much more. The 4 button keyfob provides 4 push buttons and on-demand status inquiry with the LED feedback indicator. The programmable buttons can be configured to arm, disarm, activate panic alarm, open garage door, turn on lights, etc.

Signal Secure

Mobile Access

Modern home security systems can be monitored on websites and with mobile apps. At setup time you can ask for help using your smartphone or computer to monitor and control the system. Signal Secure provides hassle-free remote access with flexible apps and software options for secure connectivity with popular smart devices. You can monitor environmental conditions such as temperature and humidity to receive alerts of unsatisfactory conditions. Email and text alerts provide system status and event updates such as arm/disarm events, system troubles, door left/held open, etc.

Signal Secure

Home Automation

Home automation is almost standard in this day and age. You have the capability to connect almost any digital device into central network hub that allows you to control it from keypad, computer or mobile device. This Elk communication system leaves nothing out, lights, shades, HVAC thermostats, electronic locks, and more! With the automation and remote capabilities built into this system, it is possible to control integrated devices from across the room or across the world.

Signal Secure ELK Distributors

Signal Secure is the only certified ELK distributor and installer in Costa Rica

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Our dependable, bilingual staff will give you confidence and walk you through every step - from choosing your customized security package to helping you maintain and monitor the system indefinitely. Our friendly Signal Secure Customer Care Team and skilled Technicians are standing by... ready to give you a life of security.